1. Holgate glacier calving

  2. Venice rooftops

  3. St Mark’s Square from the bell tower

  4. Venice trees in the morning

  5. St Marks tile

  6. Bridge of Sighs

  7. Venice morning

  8. St Marks Square, from the Crown Princess


  9. arluxia asked: Hey ! I love all your photos so much :) ! I was wondering,among all the places you have been to, which ones are your favorites ??? Keep up the amazing work x

    Thank you!

    Venice was great to photograph, but I don’t ever need to go back.  I’d love to spend more time on Corfu.  But I much prefer the places I haven’t seen yet!

  10. Venice

  11. Venice morning.

  12. Priest?  or Wizard?

  13. Christ in Croatia